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Build it, Scan it, SKUR it.

Keep projects on schedule and budget by rapidly discovering build errors and analyzing tolerances. SKUR is the ultimate solution for Quality Control and Risk Mitigation.

SKUR is a powerful cloud-based software solution
to a real-world problem; we help you find construction errors early
so you can quickly and confidently fix them before they
impact other dependencies, stop work
or slow your supply chain.

What SKUR Does.

SKUR uses the point cloud output from powerful terrestrial scanning technologies (commonly LIDAR) to analyze and report changes in large-scale environments.

Our proprietary algorithms cloud process the massive scan data files and identify the differences between the design and the reality of what was actually built.

Who Uses SKUR?

Whether you're a project manager, surveyor, or executive, SKUR quickly generates the relevant data for you and your team to rapidly evaluate almost any physical environment. The information is presented in a meaningful and actionable manner.

SKUR is focused on the construction and facilities management markets serving complex projects and environments. Quite simply, if you have a large development project of any kind, SKUR can help you analyze it.

Remarkable ROI

The right information at the right time is the key to bringing projects in on time and on-budget. The faster and more accurately a team can identify a problem, the more likely it is to be resolved efficiently.

SKUR empowers rapid decision making on a wide range of projects. Nearly every aspect of a development project can benefit from the insights produced by SKUR's results.

Ready To Test SKUR On Your Project?

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SKUR reports the distance and direction of a build error, allowing for immediate corrections.

Only SKUR gives the construction industry rapid insight into the difference between what was designed and what was built. We are putting the information you need to understand and respond to quality control issues literally at your fingertips. SKUR can cloud process LIDAR scan files containing more than 100,000,000 data points and quickly compare these massive files to specific objects or groups of objects within your CAD design file. We can tell you not only that an object is off, but by how much and in what direction.

Ready To Take The Next Step?


How SKUR Works

1. Upload Your Design File

example -design file with bolts

We utilize your 3D design file as a basis for comparing the design and the scan. The process begins with a simple upload of your .dwg file.

In the example here, columns to support a large glass facade are being assessed.

2. Scan & Upload

Noisy point cloud

LIDAR scans are filled with unwanted debris, equipment, supplies, and building elements. SKUR inputs your scan data and can isolate relevant objects and filter out noise.

Above, a 100 million + point cloud LIDAR scan of an 'as-built' environment.

3. See The Result

SKUR processes your .dwg and scan files to identify variances. The result is a visual representation and report focusing on the areas you targeted.

The sample image above shows the precise distance and direction of each objects' variance from design.

See how simple it is to upload your files, run the SKUR process, and review your visualizations and reports.