Visualizing Variance

“SKUR dramatically alters the building, development, and facilities management landscape. Our technologies can be applied everywhere with nearly immediate ROI.”
-Adam Cohen, CEO

Next time you are near a construction site, or looking at an amazing urban skyline, or even standing in your local shopping center, take a moment to marvel at the architecture and engineering. And take one more moment to try to comprehend the complexity of getting something like that built.

If you are in the industry, you certainly understand complexity.

SKUR was founded on the notion that the complexity of the construction and facilities management industries could be tamed using powerful ‘big data’ technologies.

What we do has been called revolutionary. Yet it is also really quite simple.

Buildings get designed, and buildings get built. However, in between the moment when an architect creates a new CAD file to begin a project and the ribbon cutting ceremony announces it’s completion, many things went right. And very likely, more than a few mistakes needed to be corrected.

Using advanced scanning technologies and powerful software, we can rapidly tell anyone involved with a project exactly where there is a variance between what was designed and what was built.