Meet the Team

SKUR is run by a leadership team of technology, software and construction industry veterans. They bring a wealth of experience to a young company.

Adam Cohen, SKUR Founder & CEO

Adam Cohen

Founder & CEO

Bill Ibbs, SKUR Board of Directors

Bill Ibbs

Board of Directors

Farid Saddik, SKUR CTO

Farid Saddik


James Creasy, SKUR VP, Engineering

James Creasy

VP, Engineering

Amy Ichnowski, SKUR Director, Quality Assurance

Amy Ichnowski

Director, Engineering

Caedmon Irias, SKUR Director, Engineering

Caedmon Irias

Director, Engineering

Roger Rapp, SKUR Sr. Technical Account Manager

Roger Rapp

Sr. Technical Account Manager

Trina Morrow, SKUR Director, Customer Support & Integration

Trina Morrow

Director of Development and Support

Andres Mendez, SKUR Front End Engineer

Andrés Méndez

Front End Engineer

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