Pricing For Simple Projects, Power Users, and Enterprises

Whether you are the Developer of a large project or an independent surveyor, we can tailor a program to meet your, and your clients', needs. From multi-seat high volume accounts, to pay-as-you-go 'top-up' type accounts, we can get you up and running quickly.

Pay As You Go

1-10 Diffs, $275 Each
11-20 Diffs, $250 Each

Perfect for small projects or a quick analysis. Easiest solution for directly expensing the cost.

Pro Packs

25 Diffs, $5875 ($235 Each)

40 Diffs, $9000 ($225 Each)

Pros know a jobsite can move fast, and the faster you have answers the smoother everything goes. Save time and money, and never get caught off-guard with one of our Pro-Packs.

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Pricing FAQ

What's A "Diff"?

A “Diff” is our term for each time an individual cloud-based Differencing Process is performed. You upload your CAD file and the results of your point-cloud scan, and then run a Diff. The result is a visualization and report of the variances between the two.

Do Diffs Expire?

No. You buy them, they’re yours.

Do unused Diffs rollover?

Yes, for the Power Pro and some Enterprise clients. We know that some weeks or months require high levels of scanning and others don’t. So, if you don’t use them now, they’ll be available the moment the concrete on Building 4, Level 12, Section 7 on the North side is stable (or was that Building 7, Level 4, Section 12 South?)

Can other people use my Diffs?

Mostly Yes. It is not uncommon for one job site to share an account, or for an installation crew to share an account with a component manufacturer. Sharing account credentials can lead to issues relating to security, unauthorized usage, and billing or expensing confusion.  And, Diffs are non-transferrable between accounts.

What do I need to get started?

Review our Getting Started Guide.