Evaluation & Correction of a Suspected Discrepancy

As-built discrepancies are a part of every job and often they have little or no impact. However, critical issues do arise and they are expensive. In this example, a structural component was improperly assembled and installed by a sub-contractor.  The error was not discovered until after additional dependent components had also been installed.

Cost Analysis:

Repairs and corrections cost approximately $90,000, including pre- and post- measurement by a survey team, Engineering analysis and report, removal of all improperly installed components, re-manufacturing of damaged components, and installation and inspection of new components.  This section of the project was delayed by approximately three weeks, preventing further development and putting several trades on hold.


The day cost for a high-resolution LIDAR scanner, a surveyor (or other trained professional), and SKUR “Diff” would have been about $5,000. SKUR would have detected the error before the installation of dependent components, resulting in resetting costs of approximately $8,000, and without the need to remanufacture components damaged during removal or to shut down the job site.

There are many instances on a job where precise as-built details are critical to quality control, pre-inspection analysis, and to confidently complete milestones. SKUR allows for easy one-time analysis to prevent major issues.

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