As-Built Construction Verification

Reduce Project Delays & Cost Over-runs

Accurately compare as-built conditions to design intent and catch relevant deviations before they impact dependencies.

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“SKUR gives DPR a competitive advantage when it comes to QA/QC.”

– DPR Construction, LEED AP Building Design + Construction, Ocean Van

Pioneering Cloud
Analytics for Construction

Identify precise distances and angles of relevant as-built deviations. SKUR’s sophisticated algorithms remove noise, such as debris and supplies, from construction data-sets so you can focus on what matters.


Bechtel Picks SKUR
to Verify As-Builts

Global industry leaders, such as Bechtel, rely on SKUR’s next generation technology to help them close the gap between design models and as-built conditions.

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with Real ROI

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Advanced Deviation Detection Functionality

Check out the nuts and bolts of next-gen cloud analytics software.

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