Optimize a Plant’s Entire Lifecycle with Digital Twins

Dramatically reduce CAPEX and OPEX using the digital DNA of built environments

Revolutionize the EPC Market

Digital twins are essentially exact copies of the physical world, but in digital form. Massive value is unlocked by digitizing built assets precisely. Plant owners capture digital records of physical assets, and can identify as-built deviations to address construction and operational issues before they balloon.

Know it All, Easily

Digital twins create a paper trail without the paper. No more digging through silos of information to find what you need. The digital twin contains everything you need to know about your plant during construction, operation, maintenance and decommission. Furthermore, cloud-based platforms eliminate geography as a barrier; everything is globally and securely accessible.

Predict the Future

Digital twins are maturing to the point where they contain all the information from an asset, including the state, condition and performance during its lifespan. As this happens, the combination of digital twins with expert systems enables plant owners and operators to seamlessly conduct predictive maintenance and optimize assets throughout their lifecycles.

Leverage Your Digital Twin with SKUR Today

1. Upload

Upload your design and as-built point-cloud files to SKUR’s secure client portal, and set your processing parameters.

2. Process

SKUR’s sophisticated algorithms remove noise from your data, such as equipment and debris, to focus on what matters.

3. Analyze

Heat maps and detailed reports give you the insights you need to catch and address relevant discrepancies early.

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