Catch Fabrication
Issues Early

Save time and cost by validating that fabricated elements are on spec prior to install.

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“SKUR… identifies relevant variance issues early in the process, thereby providing insight which we can leverage to deliver on-time and on-budget projects for our customers.”

– Bechtel, Chief Innovation Officer, David Wilson

Game Changing

Identify precise distances and angles of all relevant deviations in fabricated elements. Powerful, cloud-based software easily analyzes point-clouds with over 100 million data points.

Take Weeks Out
of Your Schedule

Investing a few minutes or hours to scan key fabricated elements before they ship eliminates on-site surprises, and saves weeks of heartache and cost.

Variance Detection
Made Easy

SKUR’s sophisticated algorithms remove noise from your data so you can focus on what matters.

Learn From Industry Leaders

See for yourself how industry leaders are dramatically reducing project delays and cost over-runs.
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