Discover Errors Before
They Generate Costly Rework

SKUR enables you for the first time to easily and accurately compare 3D design files with as-built point clouds to pinpoint variances early in the construction process.

Manual and error-prone spot checks are finally a thing of the past. Save money and get your projects on track with SKUR’s next generation technology, which delivers scalable and highly accurate variance detection across entire projects.

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Compare 3D design files with as-built point clouds to pinpoint construction variances Compare 3D design files with as-built point clouds to pinpoint construction variances

Solutions for Variance Detection

As-Built Construction

Accurately identify as-built deviations before they impact work streams.

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Fabricated Elements

Catch issues with fabricated elements before they’re onsite being installed.

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Model Validation

Trust that you’re working with accurate designs by incorporating as-built conditions into your models

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SKUR’s cloud-based platform means NO software download is ever needed. SKUR unlocks data silos and enables everything to be securely viewed and modified directly within your web browser, and all the heavy processing is done in the cloud. Want to show heatmap deviations to a contractor in the field? No problem, they can easily view the data on their mobile or laptop browser.

Deviation Detection Browser-based Viewer

Aligning a design model and point-cloud precisely are critical for accurate variance analysis. Historically, an on-site surveyor was required to enable 3D models and point-clouds with different coordinate origins and orientations to be aligned. SKUR introduces the industry’s first Assisted Alignment, which takes weeks out of your schedule by leveraging sophisticated algorithms to help you quickly align your models without a surveyor.

Assisted Alignment

SKUR introduces the industry’s first variance detection approval workflow so that important deviations don’t fall through the cracks. You can now quickly review prioritized deviations and drive accountability. Drop-down menus allow you to “Approve” or “Fix” specific issues by assigning colleagues or contractors to address them. SKUR’s integrated messaging platform creates a central place to track and manage all important deviations.

Variance Detection Approval Workflow

Industry Leading Functionality

Variance Detection Made Easy

  • High accuracy distance and angle variance detection
  • Cloud based, no software required
  • Secure client portal
  • Mobile accessible

Built in the Cloud

  • Powerful cloud-based processing
  • Large dataset management (100+ million data points)
  • Data cleansing algorithms

Designed for Actionable Insights

  • Web browser viewability
  • Heat map visualizations
  • Export to Navisworks and ReCap
  • PDF tabular reporting

Team Collaboration & Workflows

  • Internal and external team sharing
  • Approval workflow and audit
  • Revision history with version control

Reduce Project Delays & Cost Over-runs

See for yourself how industry leaders are dramatically reducing project delays and cost over-runs.

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