Cloud Analytics for Construction

Reduce project delays and cost over-runs by comparing design intent to actual conditions with the industry's first As-Built Data Platform.




Bechtel Selects SKUR to Deliver the Construction Industry’s First Cloud-Based Analytics Platform.

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“With our mission to accelerate innovation on our projects, we are excited to see SKUR bridging the physical and digital divide. The SKUR As-Built Data Platform identifies potential relevant variance issues early in the process, thereby providing insight which we can leverage to deliver on-time and on-budget projects for our customers.”

– David Wilson, Chief Innovation Officer, Bechtel

SKUR is a powerful cloud-based software solution
to a real-world problem; we help you find construction errors early
so you can quickly and confidently fix them before they
impact other dependencies, stop work
or slow your supply chain.

How It Works


Upload your design and as-built point-cloud files to SKUR's secure client portal, and set your processing parameters.


SKUR's sophisticated algorithms remove noise from your data, such as equipment and debris, to focus on what matters.


Heat maps and detailed reports give you the insights you need to catch and address relevant discrepancies early.


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“At Eichleay Inc, we are in the process of embracing the SKUR technology of variance detection for our project delivery toolbox. We have identified specific applications in our current work processes that we feel will improve quality, mitigate risk and help build confidence with our clients. Our approach is to find and target these specific applications to best implement this new technology.

We are committed to working with the SKUR team to best implement this technology. Our goal is to become a super user company in the work process of the tool and experts in the analysis of the results.“

– Jim Vicknair, SVP, Construction Services, Eichleay

SKUR reports the distance and direction of a build error, allowing for immediate corrections.

Only SKUR gives the construction industry rapid insight into the difference between what was designed and what was built. We are putting the information you need to understand and respond to quality control issues literally at your fingertips. SKUR can cloud process LIDAR scan files containing more than 100,000,000 data points and quickly compare these massive files to specific objects or groups of objects within your CAD design file. We can tell you not only that an object is off, but by how much and in what direction.

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